Hear Lions of Hazelwood roar on their self-titled debut album


Hailing from Hazelwood Missouri, the Lions of Hazelwood are anything but amateur. Starting their musical journey in a catholic high school, two friends bonded together over their common interest in blues music.

Starting off as a two man act, the Lions of Hazelwood felt compelled to make each and every detail count, “With a two man band there’s a lot more space to screw up, but that also creates a lot more space to make the guitar and drums count.”

From the beginning with “Get Yourself Home,” there is not a moment of dead space. The record kicks the door open instantly, thrusting the listener into a focused and explosive experience. Four trashy counts on the hi hat is the only warning the listener gets before getting sucked into the journey.

“Cold Blue Moon” takes the slide guitar train back to New Orleans, while tracks like “Walk with Jesus” and “Devil Broke the Levee” awaken the traditional spirit of the blues. “God Spoke like a Bomb,” a fan favorite, closes the record with an emotional charged, garage-rock bang. Needless to say, the record leaves the listener be

As opposed to other blues musicians, the Lions of Hazelwood do not over extend their stay in any song. With most of their songs being under 3 minutes, the Lions of Hazelwood hit their point and then back away keeping every moment fresh and non-repetitive.

In their two piece format, it is hard not to categorize Lions with blues revivalists like The Black Keys or Jack White. However the Lions of Hazelwood are making a style of their own, going above and beyond blues norms. With electrifying guitar licks and simplified but intentional drum fills, the Lions of Hazelwood provide a unique and self defining debut album.

Hear and buy the debut album here: http://www.lionsofhazelwood.com/

Hear the Lions of Hazelwood on Local Project Episode 21: http://thegalaxyradio.com/?p=2858


Album Review by Michael Lefevre and Jacob Videmschek

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